Critical Friends: My AR project deals with developing and implementing new curriculum’s into education.  In many respects this will be phased in over a longer period of time than the length of this course.  The “critical friends” a.k.a. people necessary to complete the project will included a variety of students, educators, community leaders, and business partners.  In my opinion, in order for any project to be successful it will need to include the support of the people affected by it the most.

Here is a Timeline in Prezi form for readers to be able to understand the function and breakdown of the courses outlined in the EMDT program.  As I have indicated them in sections the courses outlined are all challenging and present material and/or assignments that will require careful review.  Due to my current traveling routine most of the coming months are left undetermined.  Each add’s it’s own unique opportunity.  Planning in every month will be imperative.  Some assignments and/or content takes longer or can be problematic having a plan to ensure that there is understanding or communication will be necessary throughout.


2 responses to “November_TMD_ARBlog

  1. EMDT Action Research

    As soon as you can select Critical Friends to provide an unbiased view of your project. They will be supported yet constructive with their feedback about your project. Your timeline is a bit vague, but I see you understand the connections to implementation and the purpose to have a estimated time for implementation. Please let me know what you have a more specific timeline.

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