March 2012

Here is a quick status update on the process of my action research.

Q: How is your AR project unfolding for you? When will you begin Cycle implementation in your environment?

A: My AR project has yet to be implemented.  Based on my not being an instructional teacher in a classroom the dependency of finding classrooms or making entry into the final months of a school year are difficult.  FCAT testing and learning priorities certainly have taken precedent over being involved in an action research project.  I have indicated in my Cycle data that I hope to establish a viable working relationship with a few teachers before the beginning of the next school year.

Q: How are you planning to track your data?

A: I plan to track my data by providing pre and post survey’s which will allow me to reflect on the before and after results of student engagement along with the participation of community members and parents.

Q: What happened in your research that you didn’t expect? Explain.

A: I did not expect to encounter as much resistance to implementing or expanding technology in the classroom.  I had intended to reflect on the experience as a positive and exciting involvement of community support and leading engagement in a student led learning process.

Q: How has this month’s course (so far) helping in shaping your ARP?

A: This month’s course is beneficial to helping me shape my ARP based on the skills learned in presentation, organization, and development of media components that can be used to instruct and interact with the classrooms and parents.


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