Month 7 MTA

Here is a summary of my progression of my capstone project.  I look forward to providing more updates and information as it happens.

Q:  Are you still on target to complete both implementation activities? If not, why? Analyze any potential hurdles, how do you plan to address these conflicts that may postpone your implementation?

A:  Although my project has taken a new direction in terms of content I am still on track to completing the process by the end of month nine.  Some hurdles involving participation, follow-up, and new content creation still exist; however, I see no reason they cannot be overcome with diligent effort and creative thinking along the way.  I will use a new method of contribution providing participants a way to easily access and make comments to the blog that I have created as well as offer an interesting and diverse collection of information relevant to the participants that are following.  At this time I do not see any thing that will require me to postpone my completion of the project cycles.

Q:  Estimate how long will each implementation take to complete.

A:  Cycle One will be completed between March 27th and April 22nd.  I intend to create and support a minimum of 10 people in an interactive discussion and sharing of Real Estate Data, Services, and Resources.

Cycle Two will commence on April 23rd and continue until May 20th.  I will continue the process, as proven in cycle 1, that are successful and make any necessary changes or updates based on participation and post analysis data.

Q:  Will you be completed with the implementation process by month 9?

A:  Yes, my project implementation will be complete by month nine.  With a firm commitment to ensuring that willing participation is available and my skills and abilities are meaningful and well executed I see, at this point, no reason that this implementation could not be completed barring any unforeseen or unfortunate instances of connectivity. 


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