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FPE_Capstone Blog Update

May 4, 2012

Cycle One


After re-evaluating my Action Plan in month 7.  I used the last 30 days to incorporate Blogging into the community I had more contact with in my recent professional career.  The Real Estate Industry has certainly had its fair share of media attention and so I embarked on trying to display alternatives for Real Estate Professionals, Home Owners, and Community members to converse about how or what the market needs or expectations were.  I used the techniques acquired throughout the EMDT program so far to present questions or material in different ways.  Asking questions relating to what was being experience from different perspectives and how it could be distributed or created to increase the participation or support to the community.  I solicited support from industry professionals, friends, and outsiders.  Each participant that I asked agreed to view the site and comment on what related or invoked a thought to them.

What happened: 

Over the course of cycle one I experienced a different level of participation.  It became relevant to me that the ability to support and facilitate the dialogue of my project was being impacted by outside influences.  Busy schedules, emotional conflicts, and disagreement between perspectives and expectations elicited an environment of combativeness versus connectedness.  Real Estate content is certainly a fragile topic given its economic influence and personal impact on communities and during a highly contested debate about future gains or losses of community members, home owners, or financial institutions it was a less than positive experience.  Although there did not appear to be any comments via the blog as it is presented on the web.  There was dialogue informally that led me to continue the project more mindfully.


In cycle two I will continue to look for participants and present the originally created tracking survey’s.  I will continue to post questions and content that I think could engage viewers to participate formally and hope that they will feel secure in making public comments.  I will look for signs within the group to help engage them or remind them with care that I am intending to offer a conversation that is not just to support my Action Research but that could be helpful to them in some way if they choose.  Cycle two occurs for me this month.  I believe the material I learn in FPE will further hone my skills in being able to actively and accurately assess the success of my Action Research participants or further an understanding of my project on an individual and more personal level.  Maybe if I can find a way to bring a single point of agreement to the table we as a community can work together from there to help others.

Overall, I look forward to continuing my research and my Action Research project and hope to have more tangible results to report at the end of cycle two.


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