Month 10 AR Blog Post

I am providing this podcast as an interactive  approach to delivering the results of my Action Research Project.  I hope you find it informing and enjoyable.  I have enjoyed the process of bringing it all together.

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The purpose of my Action Research project was to integrate a Web 2.0 communication tool into classroom environments to improve communication between parents and teachers.

How did your CBR project turn out for you? Did the challenge exceed your overall expectations?

My CBR project turned out better than I thought given the size and scope of the project.  The experience allowed me to uncover several opportunities within the process of communication, as it pertains to the overall participation and success of students.  Teachers identified barriers such as lack of consistent internet access, security, and lack of administrative privileges.   The challenge exceeded my expectations by highlighting the concerns outlined in my literature review and demonstrating an improvement in communication utilizing an online Web 2.0 tool.  

Is there a connection between the data produced from your Phases and the research reported in your Literature Review?

Yes, my literature review best described the data of my phases in the article Beyond Dichotomy (Malhotra, Galletta, & Kirsh, 2008).  The three factors identified as contributing to the integration of technology were feelings of autonomy, combinations of perception, and finally impeded by a conflict.   My cycle 1 and cycle 2 data identified the benefits and barriers to effective technology integration and are linked to these similar factors.

The questions in my Pre & Post Survey’s supported similar results as the studies in my literature review.  The survey’s were conducted, via an online web forms, including currently employed classroom teachers working in K-12 environments.  Numeric results indicated 1 person out of 47 reported they had Constant Communication with Parents, 32% reported they had Non-existent communication, 24% reported having some Communication, and 37% reported very little communication.  Similar to the results indicated in my literature review.

During your Phase implementation what learning objectives has your target audience met?

The learning objectives participants met were;

  • Teachers set up a Blogging tool to encourage communication with parents.
  • Teachers distributed information to parents and students on how to access and participate in Blogging.
  • Students actively participated in small group activities structured to provide content.
  • Parents participated by providing feedback via the blog.

Is a personal learning environment or an LMO something that could be part of your CBR project in the future? Why or why not.

Yes, a personal learning environment or LMO can be very effective in enhancing the communication between students, teachers, and parents.  Allowing students to conduct conversations between peers and teachers allows for dynamic learning environments. Personal learning environments simulate a classroom experience from various locations.  For example, interaction between students who are home from illness or injury, traveling with parents, and allowing interactions with classmates monitored or facilitated by teachers allows for work group participation that may not have otherwise occurred.  Extending learning into the process of homework.

Overall my Action Research project has allowed me the opportunity to become a better researcher, a more insightful listener, and a more empathetic technology integrator.  Having taken the time to fully understand the issues facing parents, educators, and community members I believe that I am better equipped to provide reasonable, reliable, and significant solutions to the challenges that will continue to arise due to lack of communication.


2 responses to “Month 10 AR Blog Post

  1. Rhonda,
    I liked the podcast! Great touch!
    As we continue to restart the school I work in, community and parent contact remain one of our most essential pillars. I’m glad that you’ve had positive results and I’m particularly glad that you included the classroom practitioners as part of the process.
    I know that even something as simple as a well maintained school website can provide families and other stakeholders with essential up to date information. E-newsletters and other marketing devices also help in addition to the blogging model.
    Great project in an area that many communities struggle with.

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