Action Plan


The problem is communication between parents and teachers.  The solution is to find out what educators know about blogging as a communications tool to reach out to others.

Inquiry Questions
  1. How can educators use technology to enhance communication?
  2. What are educators willing to share and learn virtually?
  3. Will providing a real time tool such as blogger enhance or improve communication?


The target audience was comprised of classroom educators ranging in age from 20 – 60+, predominately female, teaching grade levels elementary, middle, and high school.  Learning environments, included in the Pre-Survey, consist of  46 public schools, 1 virtual school, and 1 private school, for a total of 48 participants.  The Post Survey will include classroom teachers from 23 public school and 7 private school environments.

Implementation Process

The goal of my action research project is to improve communication between parents, community members, and students.  The solution I suggest is to incorporate a Web 2.0 communication tool into a classroom or online training environment.  The pre survey will be directed to classroom teachers within K-12 environments that are currently enrolled in a technology course.  The post survey will focus on K-12 classroom teachers that have completed formal technology training.


Cycle one began on June 6th and proceeded for 11 days.  Cycle two began on June  16th and proceeded for 7 days.  The entire process was completed in 22 days.

Assessment and Evaluation Tools

The pre and post surveys will allow me to have an initial baseline of where communication and engagement are from the beginning of the project and what improvement occurred by implementing my capstone project.

I anticipate that I will collect information that is informative about the current level of communication and engagement before and after the implementation of my capstone project.

Beginning with selecting a sample of people, collecting feedback through interviews and discussions during the implementation, and analyzing the progress of the project and the participants throughout the process.

URL to my pre and post assessment tools: Pre-Survey and Post-Survey


2 responses to “Action Plan

  1. Good plan. I’m looking forward to reading your results.