Final Presentation


Improving communication in education is the objective of my Action Research project.  Incorporating a blog into training and education programs allows for there to be connected learning and continued relationships beyond individual activities.  Connected learning is the process of incorporating all stakeholders in the development and implementation of the education process.  My AR results have revealed the interest and willingness of technology-trained educators in sharing and developing lesson plans and peer professional integrated classrooms that span across traditional district and geographical boundaries.  Long-term benefits will continue to be recognized as blogging enables real time collaboration between parents, students, and educators.

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The Review Reveals

The visual representation of my literature review reveals the emphasis of learning.  Everyday students are participating in learning through environments created by peers, parents, educators, and the community.  My literature review recognizes how dramatically we could increase their success simply by improving our communication.  Each day could then become opportunities to collaborate, collect, and deliver real-time results that evaluate and enhance the learning experience.  Technology, when integrated thoughtfully and responsibly can provide new ways of improving, reaching, and teaching in the twenty-first century.  My literature review discovers the challenges and accomplishments of years of research devoted to the process.

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Confirmation of JRTE Submission

I decided to submit my research paper to ISTE’s (International Society for Technology in Education) Journal of Research on Technology in Education (JRTE).

My reasons for selecting JRTE were;

Industry reputation and association the research and paper that I have prepared

An International collection of educators and committed readers

The focus on Technology advancing the conversation within education

ISTE’s annual report captured my attention in the statement, “At ISTE, we believe education has the power to expand horizons for students all over the world and that educators equipped with the right training, tools, and technology can make this belief a reality.”

If I am selected for publication I will continue to expand on the research I have begun and develop a more effective method of application for technology in education.

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